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The AFRICAN GRAND AWARDS though an off-shoot of the XCEL AWARDS which was instituted in 2005 during¬†XCEL MEDIA’S fifth (5th) Anniversary celebration, is a collaborative venture between XCEL MEDIA and DEMOCRACY WATCH INTERNATIONAL, a leading UK-based non-partisan citizens group, advocating democratic reforms, government accountability and corporate responsibility to galvanize the continental image across board. It is aimed at motivating the citizens to pro-active living. The essence is to de-populate the clan of cynics and build up a generation of men and women of tremendous faith in Africa.

We set out from scratch to identify our continental potentials and celebrate same without apology. This is governed by our believe that the nations, and by extension the entire continent will hit her potential when those who have done well, and have given us a positive identity as honest, credible and hardworking people are well appreciated.

The AFRICAN GRAND AWARDS is thus an innovation that would endure the test of time especially in putting the recipients on the global map for celebration. It is truly devoid of sentiments or unnecessary bickering but focused on quality services of the recipients in their various fields of endeavour, in the pursuit of sustainable development and economic empowerment.

Against this backdrop, this year’s award focus on two categories viz: “NIGERIA’S DEFENDERS OF DEMOCRACY AWARD 2018 and TEN MOST OUTSTANDING AFRICANS AWARD 2018